Our coffee sizes

House blend

Cafe Derailleur uses Coffee Supreme's Direct Trade organic coffee as our house blend and the basis for all our milk based coffees.  Coffee Supreme describes the blend as... " held aloft by two stunning coffees from the Ethiopian Oromia Co-Op, with a bright creamy body, rich earthy notes and a lingering spiced chocolate finish."  We hope that our team do it justice.

Espresso blend

Currently we're serving 'South', a Coffee Supreme blend that is anchored around an outstanding Indian-grown bean from Tata Estate. South marries a smooth malty body with an outstanding dry spice finish; low acidity makes this a classic espresso blend while still showing good lingering chocolate notes in milk.

South blend

Dry spice aroma with low-acidity finishing and with strong notes of malt and chocolate. This blend is built around full-bodied South American coffees and delivers an outstanding smoothness and length, with lingering caramel through the finish.