Why don’t you expand Eric?

It’s important to love what you do, isn’t it?  I think so and I’m both proud and excited to run a popular café in a vibrant regional centre. I have a supportive family, great staff and wonderful customers. What more could I want right now? Handmade roti and a baguette baker’s oven. But that’s a whole other story…
It’s busy in our little café and customers often ask why I don’t expand. ‘Can you go up? Can you go next door? Can you get a larger place Eric? A mezzanine?’  These are big questions that require careful consideration. 
What’s my definition of success? Is it having a balance in life?  Running a successful business and sustaining this over many years? Being part of a loving family and supporting them to achieve their fullest potential?  Being a friend? Being a good boss? Being a member of an open and honest community?

I define success in terms of happiness.
I’m lucky enough to enjoy what I do. Running a café is something I’m passionate about and I’m delighted that I’m able to turn up to work each day and be surrounded by incredible staff who are just as excited about Café Derailleur as I am, and to have such fiercely loyal customers who come back again and again.
I am grateful to have a supportive, loving family who understands that sometimes I have to work eighty-hour weeks but who know that there’ll be other weeks where we might have breakfast together every day.

Getting back to the purpose of this blog, do I want to expand Café Derailleur or open another place? 
Right now it’s not something I’m thinking about. I love what Café Derailleur’s become and to be honest, what really keeps me up at night is imagining the next week’s menu and planning the café’s next phase. I love how Derailleur’s developed from a good café into a great business. I revel in the enthusiasm of my staff. I’m so very thankful for the optimism and support of those customers who see opportunities for me – Derailleur will evolve, but is unlikely to expand. But you’re welcome to keep asking.