The straw that broke the cafes back

Last year I Blogged about plastic coming off the menu at Derailleur. Now all that you receive is recyclable or compostable in our little cafe. Those PLS (Poly Lactic Acid) straws that we were using have been ditched. Now just for the record I did put the remainder in the bin. Why? Because they looked too much like plastic straws and our customers were getting on social media and giving us a blast for using plastic straws. It took time to explain that PLA straws are biodegradable and yes when I bought them over a year ago I understood them to be compostable too.

We have been trialling metal straws but they didnt sit well with me. Particulatly whether they were clean on the inside after each wash? I know what the Environmental Health inspector is looking for and it won’t be long before they are delving into the shaft of millions of metal straws that are being used across the country now.

We are pretty impressed with people who are bringing their own metal straws by the way. You guys and gals rock!

For those who don’t carry a metal straw in your man bag or purse we’ve sourced some awesome glass straws. We can now see that they are clean after each wash. And I thought they’d be hard to clean. Nope, just a soak, a rinse and a run through the dishwasher to sterilize them, dry them standing up and they are ready for the next sucker:)

Do you think that by the end of this year we can ditch single use coffee cups?