The New Smashed Avo

"Don't change it if it ain't broke" they say.  It is also true that there are two constants in life, paradox and change.  We have gone with change and worked to make our original smashed avocado better.

How did we go about this?  Well we looked at our base ingredients - local avocados from Greta and tomatoes from Yarrawonga.  We know purchasing local is better so we've added Tolpuddle marinated goats feta.  This combined with a King Valley Walnut dukkah, our house made wholemeal sourdough bread and local olive oil makes a truly local dish.  Lightly roasting and smoking the tomato brings out its savoury flavours.  A preserved lemon dressing gives you that lemony kick you need.

Yes we can still do the original Smashed Avocado but of course we think you should give the new smashed avo a crack.

Smashed Avocado.JPG