When it comes to wine, if it's local, it's excellent.

It's easy to take great wine for granted, after all here in Wangaratta we're only a stone's throw from award-winning wineries.  With so many wine regions to choose from and generations of winemakers in our community, when it comes to wine, generally speaking, if it's local, it's excellent.  

Derailleur's wine list might be small but we aim to keep it interesting and local. That's why we're  highlighting a different red and white wine by the glass in the evenings each week. This is on top of our usual wines by the glass.  

We know you all have enjoyed the Fighting Gully Pinot Noir and the Scion Viognier recently on offer. This week we're serving a Beechworth Tempranillo from Adrian Rodda and Mark Walpole.  It’s a good representation of Tempranillo with berries, plum, fresh tobacco, vanilla and leathery characteristics coming through.  It is a savoury wine with fine tannins.  Some of the local wines on our list can be purchased direct from the cellar doors or in this case from Beechworth's Cellar Door Wine Store. When you visit, be sure to have a coffee as Aaron pulls a damn fine brew too.

Size does matter

You’ll notice we have a couple of options with our wines by the glass – 100ml or 150ml.  At lunchtime we know that a full glass of wine will limit the amount of work that gets done on a Friday afternoon, but a smaller glass will give you something to look forward to at the end of the week.  Plus we think our food tastes even better with a glass of wine in hand! 

Did you know that there is one standard drink in a 100ml glass of wine at 13% alcohol and 1.5 standard drinks in a 150ml glass of wine?  How did we calculate that?  It’s got something to do with the specific gravity of ethyl alcohol but it’s easier to check out this online calculator.  How do we make sure we pour 150ml?  Well, we had our logo printed on our wine glasses so that 150mls is at the bottom of the logo - that’s our pour line. Nifty.

BYO wine only

At Derailleur we offer you the option of bringing along a special bottle from your home cellar.  We’ll open it and pour it for you into our lovely Derailleur glasses.  When you make your reservation just let us know that you’d like to bring your own wine and we'll advise the corkage charge.

90% of wine is meant to be drunk in the year it’s released. That's a fact. So dive into your home cellar, assuming you have one, and pop on in for dinner.