We have switched continents

Yes we are using a new blend of coffee here at Derailleur.  It’s still Coffee Supreme but we have switched continents. Previously we have been grinding Coffee Supremes Origin which was based on an Ethipoian base. Our new blend is the Boxer Blend and is based on coffees from Brazil.  It’s typical of coffees from this country with dark cocoa flavours, golden syrup and toasted walnuts. 

In two words - smooth and chocolatey oh and and great with milk.  Especially Kiewa milk and now that you mention it, soy milk too because of it’s lower acidity it won’t cause the soy to curdle.  (remember reading about soy milk and heat here?)

The reason for the change? After running with the one blend for over 6 years we wanted to see how we could make a better coffee.  Well I think it has made a difference.  I've even heard that customers have stopped using sugar in their coffees.

We have put it through our Moccamaster filter coffee machine at home and made a good brew.  Let us know how it goes through your home coffee making systems - Aeropress, V60, Chemex or Espresso.

Of course if you want us to order in single origin retail coffee for your brewing method, just call us on a Monday morning and we can add it to our order.

The change has been a learning experience for us and we hope we have improved the quality of our coffee, but we'd like to know what your thoughts are?