Just a little recognition

Buying and reading The Age Good Food Guide as soon as it comes out is a tradition for me. It's an education too, professional development if you like.  You see at a glance who is doing what in the restaurant world of Melbourne and Victoria.  You see who are the editors and writers.  Who to look out for when they are heading through town to see the hatted restaurants in the region.  And to even give your mates in other restaurants a call to say such and such is on their way.  Every little bit helps.

It's great to try and read between the lines of the articles, listings and write-ups.  Are places on their way up? Or down? Or just solid performers?  How are other restaurants that you have worked at and have friends or customers working in going?  Provenance, Tani, Simones, The Terrance and now Patricias Table at Brown Brothers are just some of the standout places we have in the Northeast and we should celebrate their achievements.

Reading the guide all gives me a heads up on trends.  What to stick with, what's out and what's hot.  It also gives us confidence to keep offering our style of food, service and atmosphere. It's important to know our offer is right for us, for our staff and for our customers at the moment so we’ll stick with it.

After nearly six years of operating in a space and location that many said wouldn't work kind of proves we were right. Coming across a listing of Cafe Derailleur by Richard Cornish in this years guide was a huge surprise but also re-iterates that our style and food hits the mark. It’s our first listing in the guide. Although it's just a small piece mentioning places and things to do foodwise in Northeast Victoria it is a little recognition that our idea to start a little espresso bar opposite the railway station in Wangaratta was right.

Thanks go to all the staff, past and present at Cafe Derailleur for the effort you’ve put in.  Thanks to our regular customers for creating the atmosphere and energy in our little neighbourhood Cafe.  Without our suppliers and producers we wouldn't be able to deliver quality food to you.  And a huge thanks to my family for your support and understanding and for listening to the non stop cafe talk at home. We are still loving the journey we are on.

Here's to another six years