Greening Derailleur

We're a conscious cafe and we recently received our organics bin, so we thought now was a good time to look at our packaging waste.  No surprise that the bulk of our packaging purchases are takeaway cups! 

Disposable coffee cups are a mix of plastic and paper so they're difficult to recycle and are sent to landfills, they're no better than Styrofoam (remember that?). So we've moved to a combustible - oops I mean COMPOSTABLE - cup and still offer a 20c discount to our KeepCup customers. Remember, we are going to be the "Reuse Generation"!

To be honest, the move to compostable cups has been a bit problematic because they're not exactly the same as our current cups so we've had to change our coffee sizes. Slightly inconvenient but who said going green was easy? As a result of our change your caffeine hit remains the same, but your coffee-to-milk ratio gets better - and guilt free!

For those that want to know, here are the size changes and pricing.  It's been over one-and-a-half years since we last increased the price of our coffee, so by swapping to a compostable single-walled cup and offering you three sizes to choose from we're able to hold off any price increase on our takeaway drinks.  Our cups also come from a local supplier instead of Melbourne which provides us with a small freight saving.  We will however, be increasing the price on our dine-in hot drinks by 20 cents.

We've also decide to use paper lunch boxes for our takeaway lunches (yes some people have a gnocchi or a steak sandwich on the run!  Oh and a French vanilla slice for afternoon tea - perfect as a treat for someone special).

We're slowly becoming greener and we're proud of the changes we're making at Derailleur. We'd value your feedback.