Filter coffee - is it a new trend or are we going 40 years back in time?

You know I keep a close eye on what is going on in the coffee scene in Melbourne and around the world.  Somethings interest me and others (deconstructed coffee for example) don't.  I learnt about filter coffee last year when visiting Coffee Supreme.  The year before I started using an AeroPress at home and experimenting with Chemex pour over.  Oh and not to forget trying cold drip last summer along with making Vietnamese iced coffee using a phin filter (it was pretty close in flavour but we couldn't get the ambiance right-Wangaratta vs Saigon that's a toughy)

We started our filter coffee program a couple of months ago.  It began at home with a porlex hand grinder (don't ask my wife about this 'coz it's a sore point!) and the Moccamaster from Technivorm.  It's the Dutch version of Swiss engineering.  In 4-6 mins we can produce 500mls to 1.25 litres of quality single origin filter coffee.  Why filter coffee? Great question.   

Chillin' with a filter coffee.


We know more and more customers are drinking black coffee - long blacks, short black or a macchiato.  Black espresso coffee can be too strong or intense for some. Also we want to linger over our coffee.  Filter coffee is perfect for that as it changes so much as the temperature drops.  That last mouthfull at room temperature is the most amazing contrast to the first sip of hot coffee. Added to this are the diversity of flavours. 

The flavours of filter coffee stand out because we are using fresh medium or lightly roasted single origin coffee beans.  Yes they do change weekly so expect a change.  The flavours are balanced. Think acidity, fruit and sweetness. So far we have tasted several Honduran, Guatemalan and Ethiopian single origin beans.  

Presenting such a delicate coffee needed a different drinking vessel.  We are serving it in a Hario decanter and you can drink it out of a ceramic cup by Cathy Oddi.  It will be served warm but as it cools you will get to enjoy the nuances of flavours.  Yes we are using this for our black iced coffees, or cold brew as we like to call them.  

What's with the back in time reference Eric? Well I remember my Mum having a filter coffee machine beside her bed that was attached to her alarm clock.  Plus I came across a filter coffee machine like this

in a garage sale the other day in Wangaratta-it still had the instructions with it and I think it brews pretty good coffee for its age!

At the start of Autum you could go for a nice warm filter coffee or a cold brew, thats up to you. We think we are hitting the mark with our brewing.  Will you be the judge?