Digital meets Derailleur

Just over a month ago we took another leap into the digital ether. We set up online ordering.  Yes, you can go to or from the online orders buttons on our website or Facebook page.  Online ordering is great because it speeds things up and saves us all time.  You get to specify when you want your coffee so no queues, in fact, you get to jump the queue at times. 

Oh and it's convenient too! Heading on a big road trip and you want to swing past and get a quick coffee and muffin on the way? Now there is no need to wait in the cold or the heat in front of a coffee van with one person making your coffee. 

Got kids in the car that you don't want to leave there for too long?  Need to get away from sport on a Saturday or Sunday morning but don't want to queue?  You've only got a short time for lunch, or a meeting to go to but need a bite to eat and a coffee beforehand?  Are you catching a train and are in a hurry? 

Why not order your coffee while walking out of your training session at the YMCA and pick your coffee up on the way home or to work?

If you are transiting in Wangaratta, why not order as you approach Wangaratta, then duck across to the cafe to collect your order?  Do you work at the hospital, Gateway Health or GOTAFE and only have a short break?  Or is it just that you get to have a few more minutes in bed in the morning?

These were a few of the ways we thought people would use online ordering.  Tell us how you have been using it...we'd love to know.

We have put together a little Blog on how to order online.  It's got all the nitty gritty stuff to help you get the most from the online ordering system.  We hope it helps save you time!