Turning to the dark side

Knowing your black coffee options is a good place to start.  Me, I'll have a Long Black early afternoon when I am full from lunch.  A Long Macchiato is a great drink to transition to from a milk based drink like a Latte or Flat White.  It has just a spoon full of milk which helps cut through the coffees acidity.  Those who like a strong coffee will head towards a Short Macchiato or a Short Black. 

When to drink a black coffee? It's a tough question and if you have not tried one then it's a bit risky for some.  The weekend is a great time to try something new, especially around 2pm when you need something to get you through the afternoon and that dinner you are planning.

There are many reasons to start drinking black coffee, like there are no calories in black coffee (don't add sugar!), its hot and it's a full flavoured coffee that changes in subtle ways as it cools. You can drink it after a meal even when you are full! Oh and then there is the way we make it.

We use Coffee Supreme Melbourne South Blend which has a low acidity (thats coffee speak for it's not bitter) and notes of malt and chocolate. We make it with a double ristretto. Thats a double shot of coffee with a shorter extraction time so you get the chocolatey taste without the bitterness at the end. We pour it over 140mls of hot water in a small cup so you have the perfect coffee to water ratio.

When you are ready, ask us to make you one, but be aware that once you have had a black coffee it is difficult to go back!