Another way to spend Sunday

What's your typical Sunday?  Do you hit the bike for a lap out to Milawa?  Or are you off for a run along the rail trail? Maybe it’s a sleep in before watching Chiltern's Barry Cassidy on Insiders and then brunch with friends? However you like to play the day, we're now open Sundays so come spend part of it with us.

Opening seven days is our cafe's latest milestone. Our final frontier. I know a few customers who’ll jump for joy. A neighbour who heard a whisper about our extended opening hours has already reserved a table for this weekend.

It’s Derailleur's talented and flexible team that makes opening Sundays possible. So when you pop in on those days you’ll find Morgan and Ray leading the front and back of house.  I'll be on board to help train a couple of new floor staff and learn the day’s rhythm.  Our 2nd Year apprentice and quite achiever, Brad, will be supporting Ray in the kitchen. 

Customers have been encouraging us to open seven days for a while now so we're confident we'll be busy from the get-go. That's why I'd recommend a reservation for breaky and lunch. Don't forget that our courtyard is perfect for groups of six or more. 

Our Sunday hours are 8 am to 3 pm. If you really, really need a coffee after then, sneaking in the back gate’s an option until about 4 pm.  

I know you're thinking 'what's Eric doing working seven days?'  To be honest, I'm not.  I've got a dream team that I trust implicitly. During the week Chris and Nat take care of the front of house and Tim's king of the kitchen. This allows me breathing space to concentrate on nights and Sundays.

Café Derailleur’s always evolving. Personally I’m on the lookout for that magical balance between work, life, business and family.  Is that even possible?

How do you spend your Sunday?