Spring menu

The weather is changing in North East Victoria and so has our menu at Cafe Derailleur.  Tim, Jesse, Richard and Shauna have been working in the kitchen to put together some new dishes for lunch.

We have an Ancient Grain Salad with Yarra Valley Persian Feta, Dutch carrots, pomegranate molasses onions and currants.  We are using red and white quinoa, burghal and spelt.  

Our braised goat gnocchi has made way for a gnocchi with Formichi pancetta, broccoli and peas.

One of the main changes is that our pork belly sandwich with slaw, sherry vinegar and caraway mayonnaise has come off the menu after starting out when we opened four years ago.  It has had a very loyal following but it has recently been out sold by our pulled pork burger with slaw and lime mayonnaise.  Maybe the pork belly will come back again next winter?  Thanks to everyone for making it one of our signature dishes! 

We have been experimenting with sauerkraut and some beautiful kraut crocks made by a local potter.  The sauerkraut has made its way into a Reuben sourdough sandwich.  It has a gruyere bechamel sauce, corned beef, hot mustard and our sauerkraut of course!  It is topped with a tasty dill pickle.

Tammy Atkins

1460 Snow Rd, Milawa, VIC, 3678, Australia