Eggs - yellow not orange. Why the change?

Have you noticed a change in the colour of our eggs?  The yolks are more yellow than orange now.  All this is because the chickens now have a new home and different feed.  

Russell and Tracey from Milawa Free Range Poultry bought Neil and Amanda Beech's egg business over a month ago now.  Russell has a fantastic business and has high demand for his quality eggs and poultry in Melbourne.  Taking on another flock to meet this demand was a logical step for them.

Russell feeds his chooks on a different mix to Neil.  Russell's mix has no carotene in it so the eggs will change colours as the season and natural feed changes.   It was a gradual change in colour as the chickens were moved from one property to another and began their new diet on different grass and supplement mix.

So when you split open a poached egg and the yellow yolk runs out or are about to tuck into your Eggs Benedict or our French vanilla slice, notice the colour.  It has changed but we think the quality is just as good.  Our Hollandaise holds together, our mayonnaise has a great texture and our chefs find the eggs are poaching to perfection.

Thanks Neil and Amanda for supplying Cafe Derailleur for over 2 years, we wish you all the best in your next endeavour.