Pancake Day

Yep next Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday, the last Tuesday before Lent.  To others its just Pancake Tuesday, another religious tradition that involves food.  And we are all happy to exploit religion in order to eat!  Just think hot cross buns, Easter eggs and doughnuts on Fat Thursday.  Well here at Cafe Derailleur we are ensuring you do not go hungry.  

This Tuesday we will be serving you up pancakes with scrambled eggs, bacon and maple syrup, or what about our house cured salmon with creme fraiche horseradish and chives.  For those with a sweet tooth, we have your standard chocolate and strawberry pancakes or our usual pancakes with berry compote and ice cream.  One of our Baristas, Kelly, wanted to know why we were not making a pancake with lemon and brown sugar, so now we have a pancake called An Elegant Kelly.

See you all on Tuesday :)

Tammy Atkins

1460 Snow Rd, Milawa, VIC, 3678, Australia