New tea menu and caffeine-free beverages

Local Naturopath Sophie Lorback has been blending and selling her own teas under her "Picked to a Tea" label.  We are very excited to have these on our tea menu.  They complement the range of loose leaf teas we have been offering and mean that you'll have a beverage option to help you feel better when the need arises.  Here's a sample of our tea menu

We know there are only so many coffees you can have each day.  So we have created the Iced Hibiscus drink.  It is caffeine free and a super refreshing drink made with hibiscus flower (great for cardiovascular health), ginger, a touch of raw sugar with a mint and orange garnish.  As the weather warms up enjoy it late in the day.

By now most of you know our Iced Tea.  We make it with the Bluefire blend (orange pekoe tea and corn flowers) muddled with lime and some simple syrup.  One customer who lives in Vietnam thinks it's as good as you can get in Hoi An!

And don't forget our fresh juices which we make to order.  Have you tried our pear, green apple and lime or our mixed juice - apple, carrot, ginger and orange?  Perfect to rejuvenate after a night out or to prepare for the weekend.

Tammy Atkins

1460 Snow Rd, Milawa, VIC, 3678, Australia